Digital marketing trends to shine through in 2021!

17 December 2020 - Thursday
And finally, we are leaving behind a challenging year full of events, and we are approaching the new year step by step. We are looking forward to starting of 2021!

We must bear this in mind: Anything can happen at any time! As we have learned in the early beginnings of 2020, needs of consumers can change anytime. Therefore, we must be prepared for change more than ever before. Let's see what awaits us in digital marketing trends in 2021? Here are the new trends for the new normal!

The new authority: Short videos
Concept of content is more different now. We are talking about short-time videos rather than long-written detailed blogs or time consuming advertisements. If our topic is “the trend”; well, what is more trendy than social media video contents? Quick videos in platforms like Instagram, Reels, Facebook Live and TikTok have changed the content form like the clappers. After all, attention spans are shorter now! And we say we are the experts in this.

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Interaction alert in content!
Contents in 2021 are on the rise with interactive versions! Augmented reality, 360-degree videos, tests, animated infographics and surveys are among the interactive content currently used. Different content types might come out in the years ahead. Especially integrating AR filters that are developing day by day into your content marketing strategy provides an engrossing and interactive experience for your target audience.

If you desire to pursue a creative strategy in your digital marketing with augmented reality filters, we are here.

It is up to Artificial Intelligence now!
Defining content performance with artificial intelligence: Sounds cool and futuristic, ain’t it? In fact, the studies in which artificial intelligence dictates the content texts have been going on for a long time. Applying A/B testing for CTAs, which have an important place in digital marketing, has become possible with artificial intelligence. On top of that, performance comparisons with text optimisation tools provide a new point of view for your campaigns and help you follow the right strategy.

We will see more of Chatbots!
In 2021, we can say that chatbots will be the main feature of every website. As the Google Algorithm is expected to update in 2021, chatbots are likely to have a big impact on user experience. By including this type of marketing supported by artificial intelligence on your website, you can measure how your users experience your website and increase your page rank.

Trends in digital marketing continues to change every year. Some of these trends survive while some become outdated as new technology and platforms come into being. 2021 will be a year where significant changes will take place after the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope the trends we listed while preparing 2021 marketing strategy will give you a useful clue! We are looking forward to hearing from you to prepare your brand for the new year and new digital trends!