Fave of digital communications: AR filters

21 January 2021 - Wednesday
With AR Filters, the recent trend of digital marketing, campaigns are now more enjoyable and fun! You can provide a high performance and interactive experience to your target audience while strengthening your brand image with the creative filters designed by our creative team and suitable for the nature of the campaigns. The augmented reality experience you present directly on your social networks creates a special effect in your mass communication.

“Augmented reality has the inherent power of interaction!”

Since AR filters are a form of content that can be shared by nature, they create a more popular effect on your target audience than other campaigns. Social media users share your content and provide visibility to your brand for a period of time. Therefore, organic access is much more comprehensive.

For example, Instagram AR filters offer your brand a great opportunity for digital interaction. Your campaign can reach a wider audience with a 3D content prepared by our creative team according to the social media criteria and according to IG Story.

What is possible with AR filters?
What's not possible with AR filters? With the magic of these colourful filters, we can say that the limits of creative thinking are eliminated. Our team is ready to offer you a different perspective with brand-based designs, whether it be make-up filters or gamified filters.

Let's take a look at the interesting creatives we prepared based on brand-based AR filters.
We are here with innovative ideas!
If you want to follow a creative strategy in your digital marketing with augmented reality filters, you can contact us. We're here to create new and enjoyable filters that can engage your audience while delivering a strong brand message on social media!