Increase the impact of your campaign with creative touches!

21 January 2021 - Monday
How should an advertisement be? Funny or real? Short or long? Simple or dramatic? One thing is for sure: The road to a good campaign is through creative ideas. So what else should we do if we have the creativity pen in our hands?

Stop the fingers!
Whatever platform people are interested in, get your brand there. "Already?" we seem to hear what you say. However, we are talking about fingers touching the screens rather than people gathered around the TV. Mobile advertising is not equivalent to the one on TV. The important point here is to "make connections" or, as a phrase we often use, to "stay in touch".

“The formula of saying Here I am!: Interactive formats”

As mobile usage increases, brands follow different strategies to convey their strong ideas to their target audience. However, since mobile consumption is happening quickly by people, getting their attention in areas such as Feed and Story has key importance. Here, too, the creativity factor comes into play with interactive creatives and dialogues!

In a nutshell, the formula of saying " Here I am!" is working with formats that will turn your idea into experience: AR Filter, Poll Ads, Playable Ads, social media videos…

Banish standards, chase inspiration!
Reimagine your story in your mind. How impressive is that? If you have a few more steps to more effective and more assertive, be open to suggestions for your brand. Remember that mobile is a treasure trove of creative formats; so take advantage of it all! Try different combinations with A/B testing and determine the winner according to your audience's taste.

Benefit from the diversity!
Just as you don't address a single person, don't stick to a single format. Use a feature of the platforms more than once to strengthen your brand loyalty and stand out in every area. For instance, the different combinations you create from various stickers in Instagram Story can make your story more effective. With the Instagram Music tag, you can make your campaign more musical; and in this way, your followers stay in your ad longer.