Instagram Reels 101: How should it be used?

18 February 2021 - Thursday
Instagram continues to develop new features and update itself, growing tremendously, especially during the pandemic. One of the newest tools added to the platform is Reels, which enables creating short-term videos.

With tools such as sound effects and filters, 15-second clips can be edited on Instagram Reels. Moreover, not only users but also worldwide brands adopt Instagram Reels.

Since IG Reels is still considered a new feature, there is not much information about how brands can be used to market their products or services. However, we can say that this new feature of Instagram is an aperitif and alternative way of creating video creations in order to connect with the target audience and increase brand awareness. So let's take a look at the 6 ways that you can incorporate Instagram Reels into your marketing strategy.

1- Make your product promotion with Reels
It doesn't matter whether your product is complex nor needs a comprehensive description. These short videos can be the funniest way to showcase the features that make your product great. You can break the mould with creative touches. For example, you can share specific features or lesser known uses of your product.

2- Look beyond the traditional
In your campaigns on Instagram Reels, you should follow a creative route that offers more than a product-oriented traditional marketing. You can catch trends and reach out to a wider audience with original content by using Reels' features wisely.

3- Enrich your image with informative content
Educating your target audience on a subject that they can take from your channel and will stay with them is a sign of a marketing strategy that symbolizes the responsibility of the brand. In this way, you can strengthen your brand image with informative and entertaining content.

4- Let’s tell your story here this time
Every brand has a "story" and telling that story can create a meaningful connection with your clientele. Instagram Reels can help you share your story in both fun and authentic ways.

5- Invite them to behind the scenes
Work life is essentially more than a well-planned square photo. To build a real relationship with your target audience, you can share behind-the-scenes images with them. For example, you can show your sincerity while sharing your shipping process and crisis management in your orders.

6- Assign a new venue to the sweepstakes
If you prefer sweepstakes to reach more followers and increase your brand awareness, Instagram Reels can help you spread the news and generate excitement and announce the winner.

If you want to have a creative perspective in your content, develop your strategy and breathe new life into your brand with Instagram Reels, our creative team is ready to create catchy short videos that are compatible with the platform dynamics with their original ideas. You can contact us for further information!