New component of interaction: Swirl Ads

29 January 2021 - Friday
Google Ads began offering a new online advertising model called Swirl Ads some time ago. Swirl aims to take the shopping experience to the next level by offering users the opportunity to take a closer look at the products they want to buy. When we look from the brand's window, we can say that it performs active user actions such as zooming, rotating, scrolling and touch interactions in the campaign form. With these animated 3D designs that stand out as an interactive campaign, product features can be presented to users more closely.

Swirl Ads, which enables users to discover the product from every angle, brings the face-to-face shopping experience to mobile devices with a 360 ° video model. While a standard ad can show a new sneaker with a 2D photo or video from a single angle, the Swirl ad can take advantage of a photorealistic 3D model, allowing users to rotate the shoe from any angle, zoom into the laces and the sole, and interact.

Why Swirl Ads?
In terms of marketing strategy, Google Swirl Ads improves the mobile experience by contributing to attracting storytelling. On the other hand, it is shown as a short and impressive way of conveying product features that require explanation.

Swirl is a great option for brands promoting clothing, accessories, cars and many other products by taking advantage of the hands-on shopping experience! Brands, which provide more awareness by displaying their product features interactively, also offer a pleasant mobile experience for their target audience. In addition, the increased viewing time with the ad has a positive effect on the impression of the campaign. We can state this as a reason enough to create Swirl Ads sets.

You can take a look at Samsung creatives designed by our creative team as an example of Swirl Ads. You can contact us to add Swirl Ads to your campaign strategy and to get more information!