Optimize your campaigns according to the digital world!

31 March 2021 - Wednesday
Although the basic needs of brands to resonate with their social media campaigns are based on creativity; in fact, the digital world has different conditions. The main point here is how your ad should appear on these platforms of different sizes. Therefore, in order to achieve success in your campaigns, you need to adapt to social media channels equipped with unique features, considering that your target audience is not gathered in a single channel.

There is no room for standard size in social media videos!
"Copy-paste" is a useless method for social media videos because of the subtle nuances that distinguish each platform from each other and highlight its nature. A TVC created for conventional television will not meet your expectations when applied directly to digital alternatives such as Connected TV or Facebook In-Stream. Similarly, a campaign created for Instagram Story is unlikely to be embedded on TikTok.

Keyword: Optimized
For video creations that will take your campaign strategy to the next level, you need to create a series of variations according to the dynamics of the platforms. Therefore, we can define optimization as reconsidering your creation and adapting it to different dimensions and social media channels. However, it is very important to adapt the optimization aesthetically, to know the dynamics of the platforms and to consider the user experience.

“The digital world is too greedy to be content with a single creative format”

You can expand the access of your target audience by optimizing a TV copy you want to use in digital environment or your digital campaigns that you want to be broadcasted in different media. However, remember that there are minimalist touches in the nature of optimization. We can say that fine tuning, which cannot be distinguished at first glance, and clean and simple arrangements applied according to the aesthetics of the platforms are among the main requirements of optimization.

In addition to structuring the videos according to the dynamics of the platforms, it is also important to create variations according to the segments of the target audience and various languages during the campaign process. In this way, you can unlock new target audiences with videos optimized on digital platforms with different formats. Our creative team is ready to support you on all matters related to videos optimized for your brand.