Polling Ads power in campaigns!

22 March 2021 - Monday
Brands often use statistics based on data from previous campaigns and market research to evaluate their customers’ needs and behaviour. What if we told you that there is a way to ask questions that will encourage your target audience to speak their wishes and that you can build ​remarketing audiences​ with the answers you get? Yes, this is possible with Polling Ads.

A little more thought is needed when it comes to interaction. However, as a simple solution, Polling Ads is extremely effective for many brands that want to increase their advertising performance. ​Tests​ conducted by Instagram showed that Polling stickers increased video views in 9 out of 10 campaigns.

Polling Ads = Giving an ear to the thoughts of target audience → Remarketing audiences → Interaction

Brands can infer from the percentage of Polling Ads responses to understand how well their targeting is performing and whether their content resonates with their audiences. Of course, a good Polling Ads goes beyond ‘sticking’ stickers to the ad. Instead, strengthening the campaign by highlighting survey items with visual techniques further encourages followers to participate. Let’s take a look at the highly interactive Polling Ads examples together.

Huawei MateBook X
Chinese technology giant Huawei wanted to get the views of the target audience and attract the attention of potential users for the MateBook X model, which stands out in every respect with its stylish design, light weight and strong technical features. The focus of the questions was on the features that made the difference in the model. The answer highlighted in both polling was ‘ultra-light weight’

Both ads were prepared vertically along with videos according to the question "Which feature does HUAWEI MateBook X make a difference with?" One of the options divided into two separate frames is ‘1 kg ultra-light’, while the second options are ‘3K frameless display’ and ‘Multi-screen sharing’.

Yapı Kredi ‘Geleceği Konuşalım’ Podcast channel
Yapı Kredi, one of Turkey’s leading banks, preferred Poling Ads to announce the ‘Geleceği Konuşalım’ podcast series on social media channels and to direct the target audience to their content.

The questionnaire creatives designed on two stories were enriched with different videos depending on the subject of the content, while the choices were kept fixed as ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. While asking the question ‘Will human and robot relations be sustainable in the future?’ for the field of robotics, the question ‘May artificial intelligence get out of our control in the future?’ was asked for the subject of artificial intelligence.

If you want to achieve a successful performance in your campaigns, you can use Polling Ads, which allows you to address your target audience in creative ways. In this way, you can re-draw the route of your campaign strategy with the high interaction of your audience who feel valuable of their thoughts. You can contact us for creative Polling Ads ideas and creatives!