Striking contents with text-based videos!

22 February 2021 - Monday
Knowledge is the most valuable mine of today. Information that increases as it is shared and is updated as it increases, is important in every trend and in every discourse. In fact, brands need more informative content as they move towards digital activism for their campaign content. The way to present this creatively is through social media videos.

Striking text-based content is an ideal creative format to inspire communities and increase brand awareness. Sharingimportant social issues makes it easier to interact with the generation Z, in particular.

“The appetite for informative content on Instagram is growing!”

These colorful videos, which are informative and visually striking, are used a lot on Instagram as well. By working witha successful creator to get more attention to your brand on Instagram, you can convey your mission or message withbold statements. By following the social posting trend that emerged with these “info frames”, you can increase your posts as well as show your sensitivity in your brand identity.

So, what is the place of text-based videos in the target audience?
Text-based dynamic advertising offers a minimal approach to your target audience. On the other hand, it allows themto engage with your brand and support your content.

Of course, no one would have thought that we could see PowerPoint style presentations in the Instagram feed. Well, selfies, sunsets and coffee cups are okay; however, the text-heavy contents may seem a little thought-provoking at first.Essentially, we are gradually changing Instagram to educate ourselves and others about the topics, histories, andcultures we want to raise awareness about. This is a sign of a growing appetite for educational and informativecontent on Instagram. Users are now looking for solid ideas rather than entertainment and want to act on it.

In other respects, such content is even more suitable for sharing in stories and direct messages, which increases the likelihood of users viewing the content. Text-based communication can also be persuasive, allowing direct communication with the audience through questions and delivering important messages in a short time.

Inspirational topics for your brand
Text-oriented videos are a great way for activists to interact with their target audience. As you become familiar with this social posting trend, you can see more brands joining it with formats that fit different concepts. You can bring your brand identity and digital activism together at the same summit with the topics we recommend.

If you want to update your brand strategy with activist activities; you can get inspiration from many issues, from social events to climate change, from racial injustice to body affirmation, from sustainability studies to animal rights.

You can draw attention to your post by using vivid colour transitions or kinetic typography, and you can be the voice othousands of people who support your thinking with powerful motivational messages.

If you want to breathe new life into your brand with text-based videos, you can contact us for further information!