The first natives of the digital world: Generation Z

16 December 2020 - Wednesday
Generation Z, who has grown in the hands of technology since the day it was born, carries the torch in the front as a digital generation. This new consumer group, vaguely knowledgeable about a world where there was no cell phones or Internet, perceives the digital advertising in a different way than other generations. Well, what about us? How much are we acquainted with the habits of Generation Z?

As Generation Y prepared their home works having their noses in encyclopedias and writing down each word by hand with pens; Generation Z grew up touching, sliding and liking the data of the world having it on their fingers. According to ​a report​ on Business Insider, 55% of Generation Z cannot live on without Internet access more than 5 hours. Therefore, we can simply say that social media is kind of a basic need for them.

Taking a part in business life lately, this new generation started to have a significant purchasing power in consumer group. So, what does all this mean for digital advertising? Let’s take look a look at the strategies to follow in order to interact with Generation Z.

1. Be active
Generation Y is still interacting with content such as articles and videos, while Generation Z wants more demands from brands, especially on social media. But one thing is for sure: It does not make sense to advertise for Generation Z in the same way on all platforms. Since Generation Z uses Instagram for introducing themselves, it is necessary to create content that appeals to their wishes. For instance, AR filters are well suited for this content style. The same thing goes for Twitter as well; publishing informative and humorous contents will catch their attention quickly.

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2. Be brief
While the average attention span of Generation Y is 12 seconds, it is only 8 seconds for Generation Z. For these digital natives who are easily get bored, it is quite enough to convey the advertising message in short forms. On the other hand, colouring the contents with humour, emoji and GIFs is also an important point. In a nutshell, shorten your main points and let the visuals make most of the speech!

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3. Be authentic
The rise of Influencers is not a coincidence, especially in Instagram. Generation Z wishes to see people in advertisements relatable with reality and the situation. If the people in your ads share the same struggles or have the same beliefs as your target audience, it increases credibility for digital natives.

4. Set an example
TOMS shoes has become a popular brand with Generation Y. Generation Y loved this brand because it was not just the shoes that was popular; they also had a specific purpose. The company gave away another pair of shoes for those in need, along with each pair of shoes purchased.

For Generation Z, the situation is not much different at all. In fact, 60 percent of them want to change the world for the better with their jobs; therefore, they want to shop at brands that have goals in this direction.

Generation Z will continue to evolve and change the direction of digital advertising in the years ahead. WellCrea is ready to design interactive creatives for your brand that appeal to digital natives!