The future of Clubhouse and its relevance in advertising!

03 February 2021 - Wednesday
And welcome to another brand-new social media addiction: Live sound platform Clubhouse!

Clubhouse defines itself as "a new sound-based social media medium that allows people to talk everywhere, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen their friendships and meet interesting new people from all over the world".

Yes, as of yet, Clubhouse is an invitation-only app that prides itself on being exclusive. However, do not worry if you can’t find invitation. If you are an iOS user, just download the app and originate a user name. Someone you know inside is automatically notified within the app and may allocate you the access.

After this brief that most people are familiar with about Clubhouse, now we are on the moment of the main question asked for us: Is Clubhouse a new enthusiasm or new boss of digital media?

We can say that the dynamic in Clubhouse is completely different from other social media platforms. On Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others, users often briefly share their thoughts and can enter into shallow or detailed dialogue in the comments if they wish. But all this is a non-reflexive set of communication, complete with pre-thought words, punctuation marks, and allusions.

Here is what makes the Clubhouse so fascinating is that it targets our habits! Here is no room for private messaging and text comments. Only voices speak now. In the Clubhouse, users can have in-depth, engaging conversations for hours, sometimes even more than a day. When you use it to add value in this medium where the sound acts as an instrument, you can cross the line with this platform.

“New virtual lands where only the sound exists: Clubhouse!”

Of course, this platform can stand out from the others as an enjoyable social media tool when you join as a speaker. But things get a little chaotic when you join as a listener. Although you have the right to speak, when the moderator does not "pull you up" you may feel passive and tied compared to other platforms. Clubhouse, where it is difficult to speak especially in crowded rooms, may leave users insensible to the app as well as creating a sense of competition.

We can say that the platform, which divides the chat interface into different segments as “speakers”, “followed by speakers” and “others”, brings to mind a kind of caste system. Although the Clubhouse, including the "Following" and "Followers" systems, which we are already get used to from other applications, aims to follow the person that the user feels intimate according to his/her area of interest, this situation aims to be popular as it is used in other social media platforms, FOR NOW. However, we should say again that the thing on which Clubhouse shines out among other platforms is that it does not contain any images. The only piece of data you can present to people here is your voiceful ideas. The meaning of following famous people, influencers, and phenomena on this platform, which does not require adaptation to any aesthetic concern, may change and even lose its meaning as time passes.

You can turn into a ghost with a profile picture when you do not speak, considering that its visibility decreases in rooms with a high number of participants. However, if you think you are listening to a live podcast based on your interests, "being a ghost" can make you more productive while dealing with other things. On the other hand, people that we have never heard or seen anywhere before can ascend the Clubhouse throne, standing out with their quick-wit and dialogist skills. In short, we can say that while the element that makes Clubhouse the new "boss" is a brand-new type of use fits for its purpose, the element that makes the "enthusiasm" is to transfer the way we use other platforms here.

Of course, many innovations come to Clubhouse here. Although the concept of listener and speaker constitutes the framework of this application, giving some reactions to the listener side may prevent using the application "primitively". Remember, minimal responses always answer the purpose. For example, although the speakers can speak whenever they want, it creates an applause effect by turning their microphones on and off to show that they agree with an idea. So, how about giving listeners the right to like-unlike over time?

Taking part in Clubhouse rooms as a brand

Appearing since March 2020, Clubhouse do the honors of many famous people from Elon Musk to Kanye West. Besides, being a media that receives participation of experts of various fields from IT sector to the advertising industry, it continues to grow day by day in Turkey and the World.

Brands are also looking for ways to make ground in such an application where the participation is increasing so rapidly. First of all, we should say that acting quickly can bring negative feedbacks on this platform. Not every viral move will work. For this reason, brands should consider more effective, more interactive, and more permanent solutions rather than associating their names in just the titles with popular programs.

● For example, coke as a beverage, along with the brand name, can follow an effective way of communication on the Clubhouse with one of a kind transparent conversation lasting for hours by hosting numerous speakers on subjects such as -what goes through in the production process, how is it controlled, are urban legends real, what is mainly taken into account in the campaign process, what does it support and what kind of change it plans to undergo in the coming years.

● In addition to this, it is very important to include job titles in the biography section in Clubhouse. In this way, it becomes easier to follow the people you want to follow according to your area of interests. Based on this situation, let's assume that a bank wishes to take part in the Clubhouse. People with various titles working in the bank can reflect the innovative perspective of the brand with informative speeches about the sector.

● Clubhouse can also be the right place to inspire communities and develop culture. Imagine a round table where people can identify with themselves, gain new perspectives, explore different ideas, and capture common passions. All you need as a brand here may be a motto in the title. People wishes to belong to communities to strengthen their connections. When brands benefit from these communities, they increase their credibility and recognition.

The Clubhouse currently represents grabbing a virtual land for the masses. Early adopters already have the opportunity to gather a large audience. Smart entrepreneurs, investors, entertainment enthusiasts, and artists must join this gold rush as soon as possible and start working to build an audience. Because in three to six months the Clubhouse can turn into a palace!