Durex Extreme

02 April 2021 - Friday
Their Story

With over 90 years of experience, Durex is a British brand that is one of the leaders of the condom market, aiming for durability, reliability and excellence in its products.
Their Goal
Durex wanted to launch a digital advertising campaign for its Extreme product, which stands out for its rhetoric of "Slows down the man, speeds up the woman". Durex, which has a TV copy as a creative asset, aimed to adapt its campaign to social media channels to suit the nature of the media.
Our Solution

Durex chose WellCrea to advance its digital advertising campaign and to produce GIF and mini videos to be used in digital media.

Our creative team adapted the long-form video of the brand by making arrangements in accordance with the social media communication language. On the other hand, they designed three GIFs, three posts, and two stories in square and vertical dimensions. The creatives planned to be shared as feeds and stories on Instagram and as feeds on Facebook have been prepared by considering the sound-off criterion.

Durex took an effective place on social media platforms with its campaign compatible with mobile dynamics.
Their Success

Highly interactive creations were produced throughout the campaign process by increasing the brand's claim in digital channels with solutions optimized for mobile devices.

With the support of WellCrea, Durex has achieved great success by converting TV ads into content optimized for mobile devices.

The results of the Durex Extreme campaign on social media and programmatic channels are as follows;
Social Media