Orkid Platinum

01 March 2021 - Monday
Their Story

As part of the Procter & Gamble group, Orkid is one of the l and most successful brands producing sanitary napkins for women in the world.
Their Goal
Orkid wanted to launch a digital advertising campaign for the Platinum product, in which users could describe the product in 3 steps as awareness, consideration and trial, depending on their engage level. However, the only thing it had in creative assets was a 30-second TV copy.
Our Solution

Orkid chose WellCrea to assist with their creative project needs. Our creative team transformed the brand's long-form video into shorter, mobile-optimized ads in both square and vertical dimensions. In doing so, it aimed to take place in the most preferred channel, social media, with square and vertical adaptations in the most effective way.

Unlike television commercials, all ads on mobile should be suitable for sound-off in order to be understood when watched silently. For this reason, our creative team took into all the criteria account in order to ensure high interaction while adapting the TV copy to mobile in the Orkid Platinum project. The campaign idea was dynamically given using animated typographies and clear and short sentences.

While Orkid was effectively involved in digital platform with the Platinum campaign, the campaign lasted for weeks on Facebook and Instagram.
Their Success

With the support of WellCrea, Orkid achieved the following results by converting TV commercials into mobile optimized ads.
Social Media