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Increase the impact of your campaign with creative touches!
How should an advertisement be? Funny or real? Short or long? Simple or dramatic? One thing is for sure: The road to a good campaign is through creative ideas. So what else should we do if we have the creativity pen in our hands?

Fave of digital communications:
AR filters
With AR Filters, the recent trend of digital marketing, campaigns are now more enjoyable and fun! You can provide a high performance and interactive experience to your target audience while strengthening your brand image with the creative filters designed by our creative team and suitable for the nature of the campaigns.

What awaits us in social media advertising?
As the world became digital, the rules of the game for advertising began to change. Thedays when social media was used only for socialising are in the past. So, are you ready toshed light on your marketing strategy with the 2021 trends of social media?

New component of interaction:
Swirl Ads
Google Ads began offering a new online advertising model called Swirl Ads some time ago. Swirl Ads, which enables users to discover a product they want from every angle, offers a different web experience by moving face-to-face shopping to mobile devices with a video 360° advertising model. On the other hand, it is shown as a short and impressive way of conveying product features that require explanation.