New Year!

2021 with WellCrea!
Hello from 2021, which we have been looking forward to!
For the first month of the year, we have prepareda pleasant content with special titles.

Digital marketing trends, Z-specific strategies, our partner agency and more!

Sincerely thanks to Yapı Kredi!
We would like to thanks Yapı Kredi is one of Turkey's leading banks, for their successful and wonderful cooperation for many years. We are happy to support the campaign processes due to their professional approaches of the dynamic team.

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The first natives of the digital world: Generation Z
Generation Z, who has grown in the hands of technology since the day it was born, carries the torchin the front as a digital generation.

Taking a part in business life lately, this new generation started to have a significant purchasing power in consumer group. So, what does all this mean for digital advertising?

Digital marketing trends to shine through in 2021!
Trends in digital marketing continues to change every year. Some of these trends survive while some become outdated as new technology and platforms come into being.

We hope the trends we listed while preparing 2021 marketing strategy will give you a useful clue!

Partner: Bond Digital
We work with agencies that make a difference in mobile with our new generation advertising solutions and technology-oriented vision!

Founded in 2015, Bond Digital is a unique service agency providing sales and technology solutions across all digital platforms to unlock the potential of its partners. Unlike traditional sales companies, it develops effective advertising strategies with content, software and creative capabilities. With 360 Video productions, mobile VR applications and game projects, Bond Digital offers extraordinary marketing and advertising solutions across all digital platforms.

As Bond Digital, we are very happy to co-produce with WellCrea and support their design processes!

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