Fun way of advertisement: Playable Ads

01 December 2020 - Tuesday
The road to engrossing and inviting ads is through Playable Ads. These playable dynamic ads invite the user to a kind of test drive by finding itself a place in the target audience’s news source. Moreover, users have no need to download anything since Playable Ads offers the interactive demo version of the applications. In this way, it encourages the potential users for its applications by communicating effectively with its target audience in a functional way.

​“​Playable Ads offers the user an enjoyable discovery moment.”

As WellCrea team, we like designing enjoyable ads with Playable Ads. Each of the ads, designed basing upon sophisticated ideas, is fun game editions as well as being close to the original. One of these is the Big Heads game of Brodeus, the game software company.

Of course, Playable Ads is not only used for game apps. Transportation, technology and fashion industries can be included in playable ads as well. Let’s take a look at the ad designed by WellCrea creativity team for Bosch Wireless Vacuum Cleaner.

S​tory of this ad designed in line with mobile interface is intended to make Bosch Wireless Vacuum Cleaner to be used. The vacuum cleaner, adapted according to perspective, vacuums the dust in living spaces with back and forth movements. In this way, it is now in a place that is closer to experience the device.
Be closer to your target audience

Prestigious brands and developers, who want to be more successful by benefiting from mobile ecosystem, add value to their ads with Playable Ads. When compared to standard advertisement models, playable ads increase user interaction up to 90%. Make a difference in Google and Facebook with the creative touch of WellCrea creativity team.